N Gauge 10′ 6″ x 5′ or 13′ 6″ x 5 ‘ requiring 12 x 5 or 15 x 5 feet footprint


Part of Burnbeck layout features Coryburn.

Our brief for this layout was given by an ex exhibition manager who wanted an N Gauge layout for the following years show, approx. 11 months to build and sort out.

Most of Burnbeck is single line operation and forms and end to end layout of 410cm x 150cm or 320cm x 150cm, this depends on which way Coryburn is orientated. It is a self supporting layout running off 2 x 13amp plugs.

Burnbeck features a working coal batch plant within a coal mine area, a farmscene featuring a hunt cameo, a watermill by the rolling stream infront of which is a small copse where the deer can be seen tending their young.

As above it also features Coryburn, including its village scene, church and woodyard.