N Gauge requiring 12 x 6 feet footprint

Coryburn, as you see it today is a stand alone section of a much larger layout “Starbeck Bridge”

Starbeck measured 32ft in length and required a minimum of 4 operators, which made it impracticable for small venues.

We built a small fiddle yard so that Coryburn can be used as it is today. (Space required 10x 6 including a small stock table)

Coryburn is built in “N” gauge (1:148 or 2mm/ft). The woodyard was built by 1 person and it was his first attempt at modelling in N gauge.
As well as the woodyard we have a small station and a goods depot with extra sidings supporting the ballast stone trucks.

Running various types of trains including Wood trains, Stone trains, Shunting engines and Passenger trains, we may also get a visit from a main line steam loco to fill up with water from the tower at the end of the platform.

You can find out our contact details on our Web Site: – www.leylandmrc.org Including where you can see our club layout at exhibitions and a diary of events at the clubrooms.