OO Finescale requiring 32 x 7 feet footprint

Presented by Tony Bates member of LMRC, a private layout.

The layout is based on two factors, one being to demonstrate semaphore signalling along with an interlocked lever frame. The other factor was to allow anybody to operate the lever frame and get a general idea as to what’s involved with signalling in general. When exhibited please feel free to ask question and I’ll do my best to answer them.
A more in depth view of the layout and how it all came about.
The whole concept came about while I was displaying my other layout “Midhurst” which had working signals and points all operated from two lever frames. Both lever frames where interlocked to prevent against wrong route setting and incorrect signalling. One of these lever frames had 64 levers.

Midhurst’s Lever Frame

This frame generated a considerable amount of interest from those interested parties. One suggestion was to move the frame to the front of the layout. This would have proved difficult as well as being expensive. Therefore, I reached a solution to the problem. This was to build a new layout with a lever frame that anybody could use mounted on the front of a layout, hence, Midhurst Road Junction was born.
The layout started as a demonstration only but has now expanded to a longer length layout, being almost 30ft long and requiring a 32 x 7 foot footprint. Right from the start, the layout would have to be easily transportable in two cars to help reduce costs. Midhurst road junction comes in two sizes. The longer size which has already been mentioned and a shorter version of around 15ft long.
Future plans
The layout is for ever being worked on with new ideas and concepts to improve operational abilities and reliability. Looking further to the future of the layout I will be using various sections of the layout as cameos of small length, e.g. not to exceed 15ft in length but maintaining the same width. Also, requiring no more and 4 operators and two cars, if deemed necessary, for transportation.