Mike & Ian Taylor

O Gauge 27′ x 20″ requiring a 30 x 6 feet footprint

The layout is set in Northern S&D near Bridgewater and the River Parrett.It is a fictitious setting with lots going on, with the Dairy, Agricultural Depot & the Coal Sidings which all make for a lot of shunting.

The layout is totally fictitious. Set at the northern end of S&D some were close to the river parrat near Bridgwater were there was a wharf on river. There was also a brick works and lime work so there is plenty of scope for goods traffic

Shunters rode is the inspiration of my old friend Gerry partridge. We – Gerry, Ian Taylor and myself Mike Taylor were part of the old Wigan model railway club and ran and maintained dunball wharf an 0 gauge track. When the club shut we had nowhere to run our locos and were at a loose end.
Gerry came up with the idea of building a layout in his upstairs front room. The base boards were built and we started track laying. We tried to get all the main turnouts on one board and found we had to chop two of the Peco points to make them fit. Then we found we needed another base board for what we had in mind. We settled on the layout as it is now, laid the track stuck a couple of wires to it and test run it.

The electrics were done by Ian and myself as Gerry had no idea. But what he did not know about electrics he made up for in scratch building buildings. He built the station and goods shed then the dairy. Ian had built the nissen hut and the tractor shed for another layout that never happened but they fit perfect on the new track. I for my sins built the garage, every plank sawn to fit and 00 gauge corrugated sheet for the roller shutter door. The coal yard Gerry put together. The houses and shop are Bachmann but when they came out of the boxes they did not fit together very well so Gerry sanded them till they did and the roofs as one the trees were bought at York Easter show. The signal box is skytreks cast resin but Gerry did not like the windows so he modified them to suit.

Our good friend Tony Bates made the signals for us and hopefully he will make us some ground signals in near future so we can finish the signaling off.

Alas Gerry never saw the finished track he died in his sleep before the layout was finished and taken to Leyland show. The track is now kept at Leyland club rooms and plans to extend the track by another 10 feet are underway adding dock and dockside narrow gauge.

The layout is 27 feet long by 20 inches wide, requiring a footprint of 30 feet by 6 feet and is powered from a single 13Amp socket.

For further details contact Mike Taylor by text on 07900 563597.